To make the Insights London Network an effective tool in analysing the data to aid improvements, evidence based working and providing outstanding care to the patients we serve requires you to be a part of this network. The data access that you receive, will allow you to grasp an understanding and paint a picture of your local area. Bespoke data sets and allocations will allow each of our members to dive deep into their own tailored data and analyse the cause of any problems and issues that may be occurring, in turn to help get the best possible health outcomes for your local population.

The data will allow you to understand your local economy when buying services for your population needs. We recognise that allocating these services is difficult but with the use of the data provided in this network you can make these decisions with confidence that you have the evidence base to make these important decisions.

The Insights Network will allow you access various data about your CCG area in numerous ways understanding, that Commissioning is about providing and achieving the best possible health outcomes for the population area. In addition and more fundamentally the population of each of the CCGs is dynamic, with the movement to people, ageing population and an ever changing demand on the health care budget. Thus, having a tool like this will allow you to understand how to provide the best services you can for your local area and population.

The Network activities are funded by an annual subscription.

Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.