Primary Care Services

This area shows data about primary care providers sourced from a variety of different datasets.

To access the dashboards and visualisations you will need to be a network member
here is a taste of what is available..

What are people saying about my primary care organisations?

Provider linked data from NHS Choices and Patient Opinion. 
Comments pulled into word clouds, with positive/negative bias analysis.
Analytical parsing of comments by keywords, tags & time periods.

Data Utilisation

Finding and mining the appropriate data from a wide variety of sources - from both within the NHS and from outside.

Marrying an understanding of the data to an understanding of the need of network members, thereby ensuring data is both useful and meaningful.

Interpreting the data to pinpoint the significant measures and metrics that impinge upon the network membership, and those which the membership can positively influence.

Data sources include:

  • The Safety Thermometer,
  • Friends and Family test,
  • NHS Choices,
  • SI Data,
  • PROMs,
  • GP Survey.

CCG Practices 

Organisational data is selected by means of a drop-down menu system, for member CCGs the selection is pre-filtered to the GP Practices that come under their responsibility.