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Note: For background understanding of "INDICATOR linked..." info line, inside the "hover box", go to: QOF Tool...; for additional information on 'linked indicators' displayed in the chart, check the Glossary

The Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF) Tool

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is a voluntary annual reward and incentive programme for all GP surgeries in the UK. It is not about performance management but rather resourcing and then rewarding good practice. QOF make it easier to monitor long-term conditions such as diabetes, stroke and COPD, and provides useful information around the prevalence of such conditions.

The Quality Observatory QOF tool covers England allowing users to view data at any level from Overall Domain score to individual indicators.

The QOF Tool

Overview Chart: An Overview at any level from country to practice, across either the entire QOF data or a particular domain or a particular disease area. The tool allows users to view QOF Overview for any organisation, from country down to practice. Results can be displayed for any of the measures: Underlying Ratio, Percentage of Points Achieved, Exception rate

Benchmark Chart: This chart is for benchmarking - users can compare different measures and different statistics. Users have the option to benchmark any level of any organisation against similar organisations within selected area, for example: Country, Commissioning Region etc. Users can also select a peer organisation to compare against, and display benchmarks such as median etc

Trends Chart: This graph is for time series analysis - allowing users to select any practice and any indicator. You can do the analysis for any of the measures, including: Underlying Ratio, Percentage of Points Achieved, Exception Rate, Prevalence Rate.

...'Linked Indicators'...

Over the years, the ID's of many QOF indicators have changed - sometimes, more than once. Then, from April 2013 - indicators across all domains were renumbered.

For more comprehensive time series analysis, indicators have been linked to their predecessors (if any), which correspond to them in overall meaning. However, it must be noted, that there might exist some differences between them due to minor amendments to: wording, timeframes, age ranges, points or thresholds...

The ID's of indicators linked to the SELECTED INDICATOR are provided inside the Trends Chart's tooltip ('hover box'). Their descriptions can be found in Glossary: Table1.

Table 1. 'Indicators Linked' and their descriptions

Indicator needed

Table 2. QOF Indicator List and their descriptions

Indicator Disease Area Domain Description